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Raymond Castillo
Raymond Castillo

Public Finance: International and Comparative Perspectives on Taxation and Expenditure

prior to making any request for public records, a requester is encouraged to contact the custodian of the records to determine whether the records are available, and, if so, whether they are public records under florida law.

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a joint memo from the governors office of economic development and the office of management and budget explains the steps taken to address the crisis and return to a more normal way of conducting business. the memo also provides answers to frequently asked questions about the state of affairs and the public health crisis.

as the covid-19 crisis continues, the governors office of business and economic development and the department of finance are closely monitoring the situation and are responding to the situation as needed. the following information is provided to update residents on the current health situation and provide information about what is being done to address the health emergency, and how residents can be assured their financial needs are being met.

the governors office of economic development is responsible for supporting all aspects of economic development, including the promotion of the state as a business and investment location. the office of economic development offers a wide array of assistance to public and private businesses, as well as to nonprofit organizations, community and local governments, and educational institutions. the governors office of business and economic development is the lead agency for the states economic development strategy, which includes the development and promotion of business environments, job creation, and business retention. this includes providing relevant information to companies that are considering locating or expanding in california, helping to develop and strengthen californias business-friendly business climate, and assisting with the recruitment and retention of californias growing workforce. the governors office of business and economic development has created a dedicated website to provide information and resources to businesses and other residents:


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