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Gem Trails Of Texas Book

The Amateur Archaeologist in the Great Basin provides a means of bridging the ever-shrinking divide between professional archaeologists and the interested public. Professional archaeologists are becoming increasingly aware of the public's enthusiasm toward archaeology, and, more importantly, they are realizing an obligation to interact with all segments of the public including school children, expanding legions of retirees, and contemporary Native Americans. Indeed the public has much to offer, and Len Ettinger's book will hopefully channel the reader's efforts towards fruitful cooperation between informed amateurs and the professional archaeological community. Chapters include The History of Archaeological Research in the Great Basin, Man's Entry into North America, The Great Basin, Man's Entry into and Occupation of the Great Basin, Archaeological Sites, Weapons and tools, Amateur Archaeology, and Archaeological Law. Soft cover, 6" x 9", 116 pages.

Gem Trails Of Texas Book

Arizona is known the world over for the abundance and variety of its geological treasures. In a landscape as diverse as the minerals themselves, this rich trove of gemstones can be found in sites ranging from arid desert to pine-covered peaks. Newly revised, the fourth edition of this best-selling guide contains the latest updates on the familiar sites and features twenty new locations for collecting rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils, more than 900 collection sites in all! Gem Trails of Arizona features detailed text describing where to go and what to look for at each site, maps for each site pinpointing the best supplies of specimens, photographs depicting the collecting areas, a new glossary to help you identify your finds, and a full color photographic portfolio of spectacular Arizona gems. Filled with expert advice based on years of experience, Gem Trails of Arizona is an indispensable handbook for the rockhound who is just starting to explore the wealth of this colorful state. The seasoned collector too will find this an invaluable reference. Soft cover, 6" x 9", 223 pages.

From sandy beaches to desert landscapes, this revised edition is the definitive guide to collecting sites throughout Southern California. For agate to zoisite, find out where to search and find the best specimens that the area has to offer. Taking up where Gem Trails of Northern California left off, this companion book introduces 14 new sites and covers all of Southern California from just north of San Luis Obispo south to the Mexican border and all site points in between. Detailed maps and descriptive text lead the rockhound to over 82 of the best collecting locales for gems, minerals and fossils. Numerous black and white photos aid in locating the collecting area and selective color photos help with specimen identification. Includes a handy mineral locator index, glossary and helpful contact information lists. Full of helpful hints for getting the most out of each site, the author becomes your personal tour guide to the many treasures that Southern California has to offer. Ideal for the novice and an important addition to any experienced rockhound's collection, Gem Trails of Southern California is a must for any rock collector exploring this diverse region. Soft cover, 6" x 9", 215 pages.

Newly revised and updated, Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is the essential guide for veteran and new collectors alike. Follow gem trails to beautiful agate, jasper, galena, pyrite, quartz crystals, fossils, and much more! The authors become your personal guides to unearthing the beautiful geologic treasures found throughout the best sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Sites are presented with directions, rockhounding tips, descriptive text, maps and numerous black-and-white photos. Rocks, minerals and fossils found at the ends of the gem trails are pictured in full color to aid in identification. From seaside beaches to overgrown quarries, explore old favorites as well as newly-discovered sites that hold a wide variety of specimens for the rockhound to uncover. Soft cover, 6" x 9", 167 pages.

Completely revised and updated, Gem Trails of Texas is the classic guide to over 50 of the best rockhounding sites the Lone Star State has to offer. Sites are presented with directions, rockhounding tips, descriptive text, updated maps and numerous black and white photos. Divided into six geographical regions, which include convenient introductions to each area and a site locator map, this field guide also contains: a handy mineral locator index; glossary; lists of museums and gem and mineral societies; and a beautiful full-color insert of rock, fossil and mineral specimens found along the gem trails. From rolling green hills and rocky mountains to lake beaches and southwestern ranches, this book will tell you where to look, what to look for, what to bring, how to get there and what you can expect to find. Whether you are an amateur or experienced rockhound, Gem Trails of Texas is the essential guide to finding quality rock, fossil, mineral and gem sites throughout Texas. Soft cover, 6" x 9", 167 pages.

Anyone can use a pan to recover gold from mountain streams, desert arroyos or wherever it awaits you. Roy Lagal, who has spent a lifetime finding gold, tells just how easy it is. Take your next vacation in beautiful gold country. Follow the simple illustrated instructions in this book and use Roy's "Gravity Trap" gold pan. You are certain to enjoy the glorious outdoors. And, you may experience the thrill of a lifetime as you find color of your very own! Also, learn how to use metal detectors that can make discovering gold nuggets as easy as finding coins in the park. Contents include Gold...Why Search for It, Searching...Where Gold is Located, Panning...Just How it Works, Gold Pans...What They're Made Of, Wet Panning...How to Find Gold, Dry Panning...How to Find Gold, Gold Pan Kit...Short Cut to Success, Pan & Detector...Gold-Finding Combination, Finding Gold...With a Metal Detector, Recovering Gold...With a Metal Detector, Identification...Of Metal/Mineral Samples, Gold Dredging...Made Easy for Beginners, and Conclusion...Gold is Where You Find It. Also included is a glossary of panning and prospecting terms and an appendix of information sources. Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.5", 134 pages.

Rock and gem collecting the GPS way! Maps and compasses have been the standard for locating collecting sites for decades, but now there is an alternative way to find your destination - The GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails. Compiled by a veteran rockhound, this handy supplemental GPS guide directs you to the best collecting sites found in the Gem Trails book series as well as other popular rockhounding guides for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Beginning with an introduction and a highway map for each state, the north latitude, west longitude, DeLorme map page, section/township/range, 7.5 minute quadrangle sheet and jurisdiction are provided for each site. A major waypoints section is also included for major cities, junctions and sites with county, latitude and longitude listed. Lists of national parks and monuments, places of special interest, government agencies contact information and a helpful site index make this an indispensable tool for GPS users. With over 1,200 locations to chose from, The GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails is a reliable location tool to complement the guidebook collection of every serious rock and fossil collector. Soft cover, 6" x 9", 239 pages.

A classic guide to collecting in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio since 1955, Midwest Gem, Fossil and Mineral Trails - Great Lakes States has been revised and updated. Geologically the Midwest is an incredible land carved by glaciers and situated on the incomparable Great Lakes, the location of the upper Mississippi River Valley and the Ohio River. The copper country of Michigan, the iron ranges of Minnesota, the fluorite area of Illinois, and the limestones of Indiana are unsurpassed. Wisconsin holds great promise for copper, lead, and zinc, and it's granite is a national favorite. Ohio, a leading coal producer, has yielded some of the finest fossils ever found. Diamonds and gold have been found here too; the reserves of minerals are tremendous. There are miles of beaches on the Great Lakes and other glacial lakes, along reservoirs, and along the rivers and streams of this region where Lake Superior agates, fossils, and minerals can be found. The author, who has been collecting in these states for over 50 years, describes how to hunt your own, where and what to collect, and where to find additional information on each state. An indispensable guide for the rock hobbyist, lapidary and fossil enthusiast, this book highlights the best of each area in one compact volume. Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.5", 128 pages.

Here are forests of petrified wood, veins of brilliant turquoise, and troves of facet grade garnet, peridot, and amethyst - in all more than 640 mineral species that make Arizona a rockhound's paradise. In Rockhounding Arizona expert rockhound Gerry Blair describes more than seventy of the state's best rockhounding areas, from jasper hunting in the historic mining district near Bagdad to searching for gold in the Superstition Mountains and digging for turquoise at the foot of the Hieroglyphic Range. This guidebook covers popular and commercial sites as well as numerous little-known sites. It also describes where to view mineral specimens and prehistoric artifacts at Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest national parks, as well as on tribal lands. Brimming with advice on collecting and preparing gems and minerals, this handy book also includes maps and directions to museums, rock shops, and major public land areas. For the beginner, Rockhounding Arizona offers a complete introduction to this many-faceted hobby. For the expert, it is an outstanding guide and source book.


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