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Parsol [TOP]

How is this helpful? Well, it shows you the anagrams of parsol scrambled in different ways and helps you recognize the set of letters more easily. It will help you the next time these letters, P A R S O L come up in a word scramble game.


Living a "shady life": sun-protective behaviour for CanadiansTable 2: Active ingredients commonly used in sunscreensChemical sunscreensUVA absorbing Benzophenones (p-aminobenzoic acid [PABA], padimate 0, roxadimate, lisadimate) Anthranilate (menthylanthranilate) Dibenzoylmethone derivative (parsol 1789, arbenzone) Camphor derivatives (mexoryl Sx)UVB absorbing Benzophenones (dioxybenzone, oxybenzone, sulisobenzone) Cinnamates (octocrylene, parsol MCX) Salicylates (homosalate, octylsalicylate, tralamine salicylate) Other (phenylbenzimidazole)Physical sunscreens Red petrolatum Titanium dioxide Zinc oxide[Return to text]


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