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Raymond Castillo
Raymond Castillo

[S1E8] A Sticky Situation !EXCLUSIVE!

Sid wakes up and discovers that his ice pops melted! This sticky situation leads him to ask, "Why do things have to melt?" After investigating at school, Sid learns that if liquids don't stay in a really cold place, they slowly melt over time. He also discovers that liquids can freeze into solid ice and then melt right back into liquid.

[S1E8] A Sticky Situation

A trio of old villains called the Ministry of Pain return, and the girls intend to fight them, but Blossom mentions that fighting their elders is the wrong way to approach the situation. She finds a possible situation: recruit the former heroes, Captain Righteous, and his sidekick, Lefty, who used to fight against the Ministry of Pain. Unfortunately, these former heroes cannot agree with each other and Blossom's plan backfires when all five men suffer injuries and get taken to the hospital. 041b061a72


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