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Clic Readers Where To Buy [WORK]

Don't waste time rushing back to the conference room, your car, or up the stairs to your bedroom for your readers. CliC reading glasses rest comfortably around your neck during the day, so they are constantly with you whenever you need to enhance your vision. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, shapes, styles, and magnifications, you can easily find a pair of CliC Readers that work for your individual specifications.

clic readers where to buy

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If you need to return an item, simply login to your account, view the order using the 'Complete Orders' link under the My Account menu and click the Return Item(s) button. We'll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we've received and processed the returned item.

I've grown a new appendage around my neck. It's called a CliC reader. If I could find my other seven pair of readers that evaporated into thin air, I would toss them, because I'm now addicted to CliCs.

The magnetized closure was not a surprise. But the magnets are not just any old magnets; they are neodymium magnets, also called earth magnets. Neodymium magnets draw together so strongly that you hear a click when they meet. And if you have hand tremors from coffee jitters or a medical condition, you don't need to be very accurate in lining up the CliC lenses; the magnets have a force of their own. (Surprise number five.)

CliCs are balanced so that you don't even feel them when they are hanging from your neck. (This was my best surprise -- number six.) In fact, I look around my house for CliCs, and that's where they are -- around my neck!

CliCs don't come in "cat eyes" yet, but they do come in round, as well as the popular rectangular shape. It's not the shape so much that rules these readers; it's the great colors they come in -- traditional tortoise and black, and wild translucent pinks, greens, oranges... even tie dye colors. I think they're pretty hot! (Pleasantly surprised - number seven.)

If you really need CliCs for reading, you can purchase the CliC Readers (Tie Dye) readers in diopter strengths from 1.25 to 3.5. If you don't need them for reading, but you want to look cool, you can purchase CliC fakers with 1.00 diopter lenses. Or, if you wear prescription lenses, you can even have those made to fit into your CliC lenses (surprise number eight). Price: $16 to $40 with standard diopter lenses. Reader Replacement Lenses (surprise number nine): $8.00 per pair.

I love clic glasses. i have the brown one. iI bought it at Ben Gurian Airport in Tel Aviv and have never regreted buying it. In the past my glasses used to go missing or broken but with clic, it always around my neck if it's not on my face. In fact nobody where i stay have seen them before and people keep asking me for them. I will love to get some more for myself and for friends. It's the best. HurrayPls make some more sunglasses i'm interested. I only have the reading one.

CliC reading glasses are revolutionary eye wear that use a neodymium magnet at the bridge of the nose and wraps around the neck. This allows CliC readers to use a combined adjustable headband and neck strap which means not only do CliC readers stay in place while you are wearing them but also hang comfortably when not in use. A great way to never misplace your readers again!

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