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Tetris Ultimate Free __TOP__ Download

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Tetris Ultimate Free Download

Perhaps surprisingly, despite the somewhat grandiose name, this is far from the "ultimate" version of Tetris. A 7.99 download with a handful of modes, this isn't as inventive as either Tetris DS, or Tetris Party Deluxe, which made its Wii debut five years ago, and it doesn't try to be. Instead, it's a fairly by the numbers tribute to the most famous puzzle game of all time - with a impressively hefty amount of multiplayer features.

Cultris is a PC based online multiplayer tetromino game, similar to Tetris, available as a free download. It is known for its Timer-based combo system, which makes it an extremly fast-paced game. You can play games over LAN/Internet with up to nine other players. There's also a single-player mode for training purposes.

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