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Raymond Castillo

Photomath ((NEW))

Interestingly, the introduction of their product has drawn reactions from former math students who remember their school experiences and they reveal frustration in math classroom teaching practice that is short on practical real-life examples. One comment was negative over the very idea of an instant answer source, and they would not recommend this mobile math solution for students. Other reactions argued that the ability to get an answer quickly or not quickly was not the issue; at issue should be how math is taught in schools, where some teachers want the correct answer, a show of how the answer was achieved, and end of story. That, they said, should not be the end of story. "Having an applicable connection makes it easier to learn and understand." Another comment was that "If only high school students had an opportunity to apply their polynomial-solving skills to real-world applications...they would appreciate why they have to learn these skills in the first place." More 2014 Tech Xplore





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